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Welcome Disability Services is an extension of the vital services undertaken by Migrant Resource Centre North. We want to continue to make Launceston a vibrant, inclusive and culturally diverse community. Therefore, our services reach beyond migrants, humanitarian entrants and refugees to this city.

For several years we have supported clients under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and now this part of the organisation has its own name and brand signifying the priority our parent organisation places on the needs of people across our community.

Our goal is to see everyone living life to the full and where possible we would like to help people increase their capacity and reach their potential.

Ways in which we can help

We are a not-for-profit organisation that ensures you get the best from your NDIS plan so you can live independently as possible.

Personal Care

Welcome to increased independence within the home.

Providing support around personal care is about enhancing independence. Our support staff work with individuals to ensure that they receive just enough supports to maintain independence and increase skills which contribute to a happy and healthy home life. Support is a function that will bridge the gaps between what a person is able to do for themselves, while using specific programs to reduce those gaps over time. Personal care is not always about assistance with showering and dressing, it is about making sure people are able to live their idea of a good life by taking care of the physical health and wellbeing.


Welcome to being an active member of the community.

Most of us want to be connected to a community we identify with and feel comfortable with. Community for each of us is different and has a different meaning. Our support staff work with individuals to identify, engage with and participate in their chosen community. Types of community are personal to the individual and are based on shared values, beliefs and meaning. For some, community means sharing experience with communities that share ethnic origins, while for others it may be an online community where the person can feel safe and connected at the same time. We help people identify their community and how they can become more connected.


Welcome to transport and support with appointments.

Our support staff assist participants to attend necessary appointments. Sometimes, individuals like to attend appointments with an independent person rather than a friend or member of their family. We can tailor your supports to factor in appointments that you may have, that support you to be functionally independent. Your supports can be adapted to accommodate long standing, one off, or last-minute appointments. We will also help you to work out what transport is available to get you to and from appointments.


Welcome to support navigating the NDIS Portal & fund management support.

We make sure that your NDIS is suitable for you. We can support with gaining further assessment evidence that will lead to a change of circumstance or increase in your funding package. Our skilled staff will help to make sure that your NDIS package meets your needs and will assist in advocating where needs are not being met. In addition to this, we will support you to engage with NDIS and ensure that they understand what your needs are during your plan reviews.

How We Support You

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We encourage and provide opportunities for our staff to gain formal qualifications in disability support, including a wide range of micro-skills relating to an individual’s support needs.

In addition to this, we have a very experienced and qualified management team who are able to ensure that the services provided to you are of the highest quality.

Mark Deverell Programs & Services ManagerMark Deverell Programs & Services Manager

Mark Deverell
Chief Executive Officer

Naomi Campbell – Support Services ManagerNaomi Campbell – Support Services Manager

Naomi Campbell
Support Services Manager

Dilip Pradhan Program Coordinator, Disability SupportDilip Pradhan Program Coordinator, Disability Support

Dilip Pradhan
Program Coordinator

Om Kumar Magar – Practice LeaderOm Kumar Magar – Practice Leader

Om Kumar Magar
Practice Leader


Welcome to individualised support to access further education and employment opportunities.

Get In Touch

We’d love to get to know you!


We’d love to get to know you

We have capacity to provide support and are happy to receive referrals.

Referrals will need to be emailed to ndis@mrcltn.org.au
or by calling 1800 672 586

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Welcome Disability Service

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Part of Migrant Resource Centre North

Part of Migrant Resource Centre North